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DVDplus © is an innovative MULTIFORMAT disc INTEGRATING REFERENCE AUDIO, VIDEO AND COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES one disc. The DVD and the CD layer are bonded together to provide a MULTIFORMAT hybrid disc.

DVDplus Formats
DVDplus is currently available in three formats:

2) DVD Audio©/CD

All DVDplus formats can be played on conventional CD AND DVD players, on DVD players and on the computer WITH 99% COMPATABILITY. Beyond this, it will be possible to produce the DVD side as a DVD 9 (with double the storage capacity).

The manufacture of the DVDplus disc differs only slightly from that of a DVD, AND THE COST IS COMPARABLE. In the preliminary stages of production, two matrices are produced - one for the CD side and one for the DVD side.

Both sides are then joined together in the bonding process. The overall thickness of the DVDplus is 1.48 mm which is achieved through a new sputter (target) material that makes DVDplus options possible.

DVDplus can be manufactured on analogue replication machines or digital replication machines, utilizing either off-line or in-line manufacturing techniques.

DVDplus is manufactured under license from DVDplus International and Dieter Dierks. DVDplus International can supply replication kits and trademark license agreements to manufacturers wishing to offer DVDplus to their customers.

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