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What is DVD [Plus]

DVDplus. The dual-sided disc that works. DELIVERS.

DVDplus combines the TECHNOLOGIES of CD, DVD CD-ROM in one disc. Developed by DVDplus International, DVDplus is superior to rival dual-sided discs in that it is:

FULLY compatible. Its thinner size makes it compatible with 99% of all legacy CD AND DVD disc players and computers. No warning stickers needed!

Longer-playing. DVDplus has a full 80-minute side of CD content, in comparison with 63 minutes.

Thoroughly tested. Consumer Electronics Daily has repeatedly reported on the durability and superiority of the DVDplus disc.

Internationally Available. DVDplus can be manufactured and distributed globally.

Legal. DVDplus International is the global patent holder of the dual-sided disc technologies.

Millions of DVDplus discs have been sold worldwide BY SUCH GLOBAL MUSIC LEADERS AS EMI AND SONYBMG.